Would You Buy Courtney Love's Old Clothes?

Would You Buy Courtney Love's Old Clothes?

Everyone here in Seattle loves to hate Courtney Love. This is partially because she’s kind of nasty and partially because people in Seattle see Courtney Love as a Yoko Ono-type.  Some even blame Courtney Love for Kurt Cobain’s death.

Whatever the reason is that people in Seattle and elsewhere across the planet LOATHE Courtney Love, the clothing that she put on Ebay is not all that much more popular than she is. Perhaps people are worried about the high cost of laundering the clothes or are wondering what traces of coke or heroin can found be found on the clothes. (I'm guessing lots.) Or maybe they just don’t like her particular taste in clothing. (Look at the pics--this is entirely possible.) 

Take a look-see HERE and let me know what you think. Would you pay your hard-earned dollars for the right to wear Courtney Love’s clothes? Some of the clothes were worn by the star herself and other items of clothing just held a special (or not so-special) place in her heart. Of course, since many believe that she either has a heart of stone or has been on too many drugs throughout the years, that might not mean all that much.

Courtney Love might have a better chance of selling her clothing if she marketed it under the name of Kurt Cobain's associate--and no one would be any the wiser.

These shoes are going for around $268 at the time of writing and might have a better chance of selling than this Mrs. Santa dress which is entirely seasonal.