Project Runway: Dress in Lights

Project Runway: Dress in Lights

Design a dress for the dark.

In recent seasons of Project Runway, most of the challenges have been recycled from earlier seasons in one way or another. They usually have to make some sort of outfit from a recycled material from a pet or dollar store. They almost always have to design an outfit for some celebrity or other. But this week’s challenge was in a league of its own, and is pretty cool. The designers have to make a dress that will stand out on a dark stage. That means that they’re designing dresses with LED lights, neon black light tape and big strings of lights. The outfits need to look good when lit normally, as well. Mondo makes a sort of Austin Powers Femmebot look using Missippi pearls and neon plastic.

He gives his model a space-agey helmet thing to top off his not-particularly-exciting futuristic look. The judges say his look is a little Tron-esque. Jerell makes an outfit using fiber optic lights and magnets that looks like a tribal warrior in neon blue. He’s really sticking with his “ethnic” aesthetic. He also gives her a light to wear in her mouth, which is gross, but Isaac says is sexy. They tell Jerrell that the look is a little to rave-ish. Kenley makes the same A-line dress with a flouncy skirt, but this time she’s used some neon tape to create her own plaid. I hope she finally gets dinged for being two one note. She tops the dress with a see-through, fairy-lit shrug and a pale pink, Nicki Minaj hairpiece.

Surprise again, they tell her that she has stretched herself, but it looks like the same dress to the rest of us. Austin makes a cool black tulle and blue fairy light dress, but he doesn’t use the lights as purposefully as the other designers did. His dress itself looks cool, but the lights themselves look rather haphazard. The judges think it’s really beautiful, which is great because Austin has been the most consistent and lovable contestant throughout this season. Michael makes a samurai warrior outfit out of green neon tape and el wire. It looks really good, but the judges may say that it’s too literal. The judges say it’s too overdone.

In the end, Austin’s fairy dress wins, and Jerell is out. Jerell’s made some pretty whacky dresses, so I’m not really sure why they even kept him around this long. Are you watching Project Runway: All-Stars? Who do you think will win it all?