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What the hell happened to Kelly Osbourne's Leg?

Kelly Osbourne has replaced Taylor Momsen as the face of Madonna's and Lourdes's clothing line Material Girl. The clothes are what you'd expect from 80s inspired crap: lots of floral, lots of high waists, and colorful pumps with white socks. All fine and tacky, but what I don't get is where Madonna was going when she picked Osbourne as the model for her clothing line, she's not cute, she's not relevant and no matter how skinny she gets she's still... round. And don't say she represents the youths because girlfriend is almost 30, which is ancient by fashion standards. Granted, Momsen was as terrible a choice as any, unless you're marketing to under-age street walkers. I mean, what Lindsay Lohan wasn't available? Anyway, I'm sure Madonna's business venture in fashion will be a smashing hit, despite her fugly spokesmodel.