Project Runway: World Pieces

Project Runway: World Pieces

The designers travel to the U.N.

Project Runway lost South African designer Kara last week, and her two biggest buddies—Kenley and Austin—are pretty upset about it. They say that Kara was more talented than Mila or Jerell, a claim which I find hard to substantiate about a woman who consistently hoped that the judges could see her aesthetic in baggy pants and shapeless shirts.

Regardless of their upset feelings, Kenley and Austin have to get it together for this week’s challenge. This week, the contestants have to schlep their way to the U.N. where they get to choose a country’s flag by which they are to be inspired in terms of colors and culture. The reason why the U.N. wanted to get involved with an American fashion show is anybody’s guess, but the challenge is still an interesting one.

Mondo won last week’s challenge so he gets to choose his flag first. He chooses Jamaica because he likes the color.

Jerell chooses Indian because he likes the colors and thinks the country’s clothes are “ethnic,” an inherently offensive term, but whatever! He starts creating a sari and Joanna tells him that he better reel it in lest it be used as a model for Indian Barbie’s outfit.


Austin chooses Seychelles, a country with a flag of many countries and a culture that he doesn’t know anything about. He chooses it because he wants to expand his horizons, but understanding the culture of a new country on the lawn of the U.N. seems pretty unlikely.


Mila chooses Papua New Guinea so that she can make a black, white and red color-blocked dress. I really like what she makes, but it’s obvious that she’ll be dinged for staying within her comfort zone yet again.


Kenley chooses Chile and starts making a polka-dotted silk dress with puffed sleeves and a high collar. You could give this girl any assignment and she’d still make a dress that was beloved by Minne Mouse aficiandos the world over. She’s one designer that should have been shipped off the island long ago.


Michael picks Greece because he is Greek and makes a Grecian white-and-blue bedazzled dress. It’s incredibly predictable and Joanna calls him on it. She also reminds the gay male designers that women like to be able to wear underwear with their dresses, but these Honey Badgers don’t care!


In the end, Mondo wins this week again, and Mila is sent home for a dress that really wasn’t that bad. Again, Jerell’s look was seriously awful, but he’s given reprieve.


What did you think of this week’s episode of Project Runway?