Worst Fashion Trends of 2011

Worst Fashion Trends of 2011

Jeggings, fruit prints and corsets.

2011 brought some great fashion trends, but wherever comes good also comes bad, woefully, woefully bad. I know that I saw way too many short skirts and tights, pastel bright dresses and excessive flannel-on-flannel. Not to mention individuals who still thought that it was acceptable to wear Crocs in public. Here are my picks for the worst fashion mistakes of 2011.

Neoprene. Neoprene is that slick and shiny fabric originally used in wet suits. It clings directly to the body, hugging every curve and ounce of fat. Unfortunately for the world, neoprene made its way to runways around this year, including into a losing collection on Project Runway. It made the model look terrible--imagine what it looks like on the rest of us.

See-through mesh. Another fabric that caused a Project Runway downfall, mesh looks a little too hooker to be worn by anyone with any sense of decorum or any worry of body imperfection. Which means it isn't and shouldn't be worn by anybody. But alas, fashion isn't for the masses, and it was seen all over the runway world this year.

Fruit prints. Fruit prints--read, table clothes turned into fabric--were everywhere on the runway this year, and it was bad. We had kind of accepted that southern housewives liked wearing graphic, lifelike prints of oranges or limes on their clothes, but we didn't think that this trend would be forced onto the rest of us. Next year, let's give the southern ladies their lime-printed culottes back, please.

Jeggings. Jeggings were the terrible invention this year that make you look both lazy and insane. Sure, it's difficult to fit some boots into your pants, but continuing the terrible trend of leggings isn't the answer to making it easier. Nobody's legs or backside looks good in bottoms that hug their curves that tightly, and no matter how you hock them, leggings still are not--and will never be--pants.

Corsets. Corsets made a comeback this year in a lot of different circles, from the steampunkers to the high fashion runways. Corsets are certainly an unfortunate homage to the age of misplace ribcages and smelling salts for women who couldn't breathe in them, but hey--anything to make us remember a woman's rightful place is passed out on a chaise lounge, thin. It's painful to be beautiful, right?

What did you think were the most terrible fashion faux pas of 2011?