Project Runway All-Stars: Episode 4

Project Runway All-Stars: Episode 4

Get your inspiration from cantaloupe and cayenne chocolate.

This week on Project Runway, the challenge takes a complete-360 away from last week's Miss Piggy challenge, but still allows everyone to make pretty dresses. Boring! Make them design with fruit rinds, or trash or car parts or something--this is All-Stars! On this week’s challenge, the designers have to design outfits based on gelato flavors. The contestants can choose their own flavor, which range from Madagascar vanilla to kiwi.

The twist on this week’s challenge is that the designers will only have six hours to design their looks and ready their models for the runway. Anthony comments that the challenge is really more about being a good seamstress than being a good designer. And he seems to be right—designers are hot gluing their dresses together (a big Tim Gunn no-no from last season) and leaving their dresses’ edges unfinished.

The guest judges for this round are Diane von Furstenberg, the lady who makes wrap dresses, and Miranda, the lady who is an Australian supermodel. Miranda Kerr will wear the winner’s dress to an undisclosed “industry event,” which sounds sketch. Regardless, the designers leap around with excitement.

On top this week are Michael (again), Mondo and Mila. Based on his grapefruit gelata flavor, Michael makes a fitted, muumuu-like dress in a color that looks like raw pork. Mondo make a really cool orange and green kaftan inspired by his cantaloupe flavor. Mila makes a red, white and pink dress based on her milk-and-sour cherries flavor. Her dress looked good, but her gelato flavor sounds even better. In the end, Michael wins again—Mondo was definitely robbed of a win.

On the bottom are Kara (again), April and Anthony. Kara made a really hideous, pregnancy-inspired white, chocolate brown and red dress inspired by her chocolate and cayenne flavor. She should have been sent home, but for some reason she was spared. Anthony makes a origami-ish green dress inspired by green tea, while April make a less-hideous-than-Kara’s blueberry dress that was way too short. For this mistake, she is sent home, and we are all embarrassed for our lives because we learn she is only 22.

All and all, they need to ramp up the drama this season. Every designer is allowed to make a dress every week, and they all do. Tim Gunn’s replacement should be harsher on the contestants because viewers are never going to love her anyway because she’s not Tim Gunn. C’mon, Lifetime producers, let’s stop all this designer love--where’s our constructed villain?