Project Runway All-Stars: Episode 3

Project Runway All-Stars: Episode 3

Miss Piggy needs a new dress.

This week, Project Runway initiated an unusual challenge: designing a dress for an inanimate object. The object is, however, life-like, or rather, pig-like. The designers are assigned to design a dress for beloved Muppet, Miss Piggy, for her to wear to promote her movie, The Muppets.

Amazingly, none of the designers seem to find the assignment beneath them. They all love Miss Piggy, and decide that their young relatives will be so pleased that they made the fashionista porcine look good. Most of the designers seem to approach the challenge like they’re making a cocktail dress again. Kenley makes the same dress she always does, a sleeveless, fitted bodice with a short, full skirt. They fit the dresses for their models, not for a tiny Muppet, which is unfortunate because Miss Piggy’s miniature proportions would have given them a greater challenge.

At the judging, the top designers were Kenley (gag) who made a pink-and-white giraffe-print dress with a giant, tulle hat that Miss Piggy said she could use to wash her pots and pans after she’d worn it. Also on top are Rami for a frilly, polka-dotted dress that should have won because it’s perfect for the pig, and Michael for a brocade, sleeveless dress with a present bow hat and front piece that does win.

In the bottom, last week’s winner Austin Scarlett has taken a turn for the worst. His grey and fuchsia boned dress with two huge bows at the hips is called out for being too unwearable for a pig or lady with Miss Piggy’s curves. Also on the bottom are Jordana, who makes a pink chiffon nightgown with two spacey silver bands that wrap on the arms, and Mia, who makes a really cool black-and-silver striped, Mod dress that looks like Miss Piggy only could have worn it in Muppets from Space. Jordana is sent home, and she deserves it.

The problem with this season seems to be that all the contestants are too damn likeable. There’s no producer-created villain—as of yet; I have a feeling that Kara may claim the role later in the season—and this week they were sure to demonstrate how much fun the designers have hanging out with each other after the challenges are over. I felt kind of sad these past two weeks with Sweet P’s and Jordana’s departures, which is fine sometimes, but sometimes I want to see some vindication for reality TV villainy. Give it to me, Lifetime!