My “Classic Bob”

My “Classic Bob”


          Just about 2 years ago, I decided to drive down to my local downtown salon and try out a new cut, the classic bob. It was a nice family owned hair salon that specializes in both haircutting and skincare. Before coming in for my appointment, I had looked through hundreds of hair magazines. My main focus was finding that “right” bob for me. At that time, the “bob” was all over the celebrity pages of magazines, television shows, and I even spotted some ladies sporting the “bob” in public. I thought it would be a great idea to try out a new cut I’ve never done before since I always stuck with my original long haired layered look with side swept bangs. I can be a risk-taker at times. This was a risk I was certainly not prepared for.

          The day finally came to experience my first ever “bob” cut. I had my hair stylist’s business card in my hand and waited at the salon lobby ready to be called in for my haircut. I knew about my hairstylist after driving by his old salon he was selling and called his number a couple days before my initial arrival at the salon. His name was Mark Zanetto, an amazing hairstylist in the business for 30+ years doing his only desired passion, hair.

          He finally called my name and generously asked me if I needed any water or tea during my service. I politely asked for green tea. Drinking tea is one of my favorite therapeutic drinks at any salon. It helps me calm my mood and relaxes my body down during my service. My hair stylist, Mark came back with my hot green tea and asked me what made me come into the salon today and for what kind of look I was aiming for. The consultation went amazing and I showed him the picture of the “bob” I wanted. I specifically told Mark not to cut the “bob” too high, but at the right length for my facial features. I asked him during the consultation if my round pear shaped face was suitable for this haircut. He gladly said, “Absolutely girl!” His words made me feel so good when he started cutting my thick long hair. I looked down at the floor and couldn’t believe how much he was cutting off. I panicked a little bit, but was thinking if Mark is in the hair business for years, he must absolutely know what he is doing right?

          I’ve gone from stylist after stylist in the past and had a great feeling about Mark and my new cut that was soon to be revealed. As I sipped my sweet green tea, I kept reminiscing about my new haircut and what it was going to turn out like. A mix of good and bad feelings went through my head. Was I going to like it or hate it?

          Finally, during the last snips and finishing touches on my hair, it was almost the premiere of my new “bob.” As Mark added shiny hair serum and slowly misted my hair with a sweet scented hairspray, he took out his famous huge black mirror for me to take a look at the back of my new “bob.” I looked at my hair and was stunned and amazed. My mouth completely dropped wide open and a huge smile brushed across my face. I was completely satisfied and content with my new “bob.” The haircutting experiencing was a success and Mark did everything to make me a happy client. Thus, that was one of the most special moments of my life and I will never forget that “bob” experience with Mark.