Fashion tips for holiday parties

Fashion tips for holiday parties

Taking the confusion out of dressing for holiday parties.

The holidays are upon us. This means shopping, budgeting, watching that we don’t go overboard on all the delicious food and holiday parties. The parties are fun. It gives us a chance to mingle with those we love, those we don’t always see and even those we only semi-like. However, for many people these parties are something to dread because they never know what to wear.

Do women always have to wear a dress? Do they have to wear heels? Do they have to give up their favorite pair of jeans? It depends on the type of party.

If it's an office party, the first rule is not to show too much skin. This means you can wear a dress or a nice skirt. However, skip the minis. If the invitation states that you should dress your best, you can add a little flash and flare with a little bit of metallic or a pair of red pumps. Yes, heels are ideal for this type of party (if you can stand them). A red purse is ideal, as well.

Invitations that read “Creative Black Tie” is a formal invitation. This means you can wear that full length dress. You can also dress it up with some jewelry and a really nice purse.

Festive attire is another name for a casual party. This would be an event that you could wear your favorite pair of jeans, if they are nice. You can dress them up with a satin blouse or simple white top paired with a green blazer. You can also dress up your look with jewelry or bold shoes.

Yes, red is the main color for holiday parties. Yet, if you don’t like red or don’t look good in it,Remember green, black and silver also look great. Plus, wearing these colors shows that you have some imagination.

If you plan on going shopping before any of the upcoming parties you wish to attend, try to purchase items that will work for the party and other engagements you will have throughout the year. This way you will be getting your money’s worth.